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What is the Best Strain for You? | PotSaver

What is the Best Strain for You?

My dazzling experience started the first time I tried Blue Dream. Never again did I found another one of its kind. I was ready to stick my head into a jar of terpelicious ecstasy for the rest of my days. I soon met the Louie’s, the King’s, and the Jack’s… But, if wax is on the table, a platter of XJ-13 will always hit the spot.

best strain for you

Figure 1: XJ-13 from NORCAL MMJ


As an introverted extrovert, I do love a good sativa. Ever since I began, I always loved how they open my mental space and allow for my creativity to flourish.

Dominate Terpinoid(s): α-terpinolene, α-pinene; β-myrcene

Secondary Terpinoid(s): α-pinene, α -terpinolene, trans- β-ocimene


The β-myrcene is a terpene found alongside your favorite indica. This couch-locking molecule can turn your “Netflix and Chill” into a slumber party with a little trick that started almost 45-some years ago. Are you ready to Tango with a mango?

best strain for you

  • Acquire mango of any assortment
  • Consume mango
    • Eating the skin is okay if you’re into that but do not eat the seed
  • Wait about 30 minutes to an hour for digestion to complete and smoke that bowl!

β -myrcene is a terpene that breaks down this blood-to-brain barrier in the body and monitors the amount of THC received by the brain. This is a prime reason why the mango tango will be worth a shot!

Dominate Terpinoid(s): β -myrcene

Secondary Terpinoid(s): α-pinene, limonene (S. Casano, et al., 2011)


If you’re intrigued and want to try a couple strains at once, let your nose pick out a hybrid. You can also check out Leafly’s lineage. Some hybrids are considered “sativa dominant” or “indica dominant.” Not all strains will be labeled the same in species.

best strain for you

Figure 1: Charlie Sheen Strain

An example of a wild, stringy strain would be the one and only Charlie Sheen. A babe like this can only be the product of Green Crack, Blue Dream and a Kush OG. Breaking that down further, the parents of those strain are {[Skunk #1 (sativa)] x [Cush (indica)(Green Cush/Green Crack)] = Greek Crack (hybrid)} x {[Chemdawg (hybrid)[Nepalese (sativa)] x [Thai (sativa)]] = Chemdawg (hybrid)] x [Hindu Kush (indica)] = OG Kush (hybrid)} x {[Blueberry (indica)] x [Haze (sativa)] = Blue Dream (hybrid)} = Charlie Sheen (hybrid)

Breaking the strain origins down this way allows you to identify which terpenes you enjoy the most and where they came from! Even outdoor and indoor grown hashes have varying terpene profiles.



best strain for you

I am usually the one who looks for the highest THC available. Scientists are furthering the conversation on how THC has conclusive benefit for neurodegenerative deceases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


best strain for you

When I was injured, I used an all-natural CBD super anti-inflammatory balm. I also made some TLC tea from my herb stash and smoked a good amount of indica. In a little under two weeks without my prescribed dosing of Ibuprofen, I was in tip top shape after falling 6ft onto my hip.


Quality and Quantity

When it comes to Cannabis, I always prefer a sweet-smelling bud with a rich, citrusy and unquestionably sweet taste.  I look for soft, supple buds and a sparkle to match. To me, this particular terpene profile fits my ideal high.

The wonderful thing about cannabis is the sesquiterpene, found in both strains: β-caryophyllene and β-caryophyllene. Alone, it can be used as an analgesic (or pain killer), an anti-inflammatory (for swollen cells), and to protect lining along the digestive tract. The hydrolyzed version, Caryphyllene Oxide, can be used as an anti-biological (anti-tumoral/viral/bacterial/microbial) and anti-oxidant (aids immune system), all while aiding in the uptake of CBD (Steep Hill).

best strain for you

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A Homeopathic Approach

If you are interested in terpenes and would like to experience them in your everyday without having to smoke, we have an option for you.

Essential Smelly Smells!

best strain for you

The Terpene Wheel

Essential oils are a Cannabis flowers best friend. These guys can be found throughout your day, in the house and out in the wild. Would you believe me if I told you the essence and aromas found in cannabis are similar to those found in fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, and herbs? Aromatherapy can be an alternative to pharmaceuticals by its anti-biologicals, anti-cancer, and anti-anxiety properties to aid increased amounts of THC and anti-inflammatory properties. Good thing marijuana comes with them (S. Casano et al., 2011; Life Science: Essential Oils pocket reference, 2014). Alternatives I use are YoungLiving Essential Oils and MONQ personal diffusers.



best strain for you



IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are to smoke something, please do safety research beforehand. Although they may be approved by officials, certain flora in high quantities can be fatal.

Play safe, my friends!


Written By: Anonymous