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Super Cropping | PotSaver

November 29, 2017

Super cropping 101

“Super cropping” – you may have heard this phrase if you hang out with a cannabis grower, or even reading a plant growing magazine. This awesome growing technique is used to stress a plant into growing a particular way. This allows them to produce better budding results.

super cropping

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So, what is super cropping and how is it beneficial to your growing process anyways? Super cropping is another name for high stress training (HST), a technique used by plant growers to (for lack of a better word) hurt the plant in a planned way.

Busy is Better

super croppingMost of the time, this technique results in a bushier plant that will just grow bushier and bushier. It could possibly even result in buds with a higher THC content. Growers take advantage of this natural protection response. For example, if an animal is in a hurry and accidentally snaps the main branch of the cannabis plant, her natural reaction is to bush out. Instead of the plant just dying, the bush out occurs and causes multiple tops instead of just one. Ultimately, this makes the plant stronger from the damage.

THC Levels

super croppingTHC is the main attracting source in the cannabis plant for humans, and some animals too, I imagine. A cannabis plant produces most of its THC in the flowering stage and it accumulates onto the buds, or “flowers”, of the plant. To us, it appears as a frosty coating we know as trichomes. Some strains of cannabis have such heavy amounts of trichomes, that it appears as if the cannabis nug is actually frosted! A quick fun fact – While we are on the subject of THC, did you know that a cannabis plant actually produces THC for protection?

So, how does all this pertain to super cropping? Well let’s think about what we just talked about… Let’s say a cannabis grower has a crop going and takes very good care of it, making sure everything is perfect. After what we just learned, maybe that is not the best way to get your plants to produce the maximum amount of THC, don’t you think? The idea behind super cropping is to possibly increase the cannabis plants THC count by adding stress to the plant. Stress causes it to believe it’s in trouble and produces more THC.

Try Super Cropping First-Hand

Interested in trying this technique out yourself? No problem! Super cropping is super easy. All you need are your fingers, tape, or some twisty-ties. In my opinion, your fingers are your best bet. Tape is more suitable if you make a mistake. Twisty-ties can be sharp and not a good option; but nonetheless, still a choice.


Step one is about picking which branches you would like to crop. This technique is best used during the vegetative stage after it has accumulated a good number of branches. You also don’t want to wait too close to the flowering stage either.

The branches you choose to super crop should have a pliable feel to them, or be “bendy”. DO NOT snap the bottom of the main stock. If your plant has several colas, or tops, you should crop them all in the same location. Meaning, don’t crop one that’s really high, then one that’s really low. The goal is to make a flat top, or canopy, at the top of the plant where nothing sticks out more than the other.


super croppingThis step, you will be squeezing and bending the branches. Remember – the idea is to break the inner tissue of the stem without snapping it completely off, making it grow in your chosen direction. Grab the branch you have chosen to super crop and gently pinch it between your thumb and forefinger, gently rolling it. If it doesn’t give right away, maintain pressure. Continue to roll it until it feels soft. You will feel when the time is right to bend. The area you pinched will feel noodley and pliable, giving you the ability to bend it in the direction of your choice. After the stem is bent to your chosen direction, you may want to secure it down in that position. Cannabis plants are very resilient, and most times, if you super crop without securing it down, you will find the branches will go back to their original positions.


super croppingFinishing up and taping up mistakes is what this step is about. If you feel you went a little overboard with your cropping and broke some stems more than to your liking, you can use a little duct tape to fix any cracked stems. If you didn’t break anything and you are confident in your cropping, secure it down and watch what happens.


super croppingAfter about a week or so, you will see the areas where you bent your stems will develop “knots”, or big bulges. This is where the break was and this is a good sign! If you had to tape up your plant for repairs, it should be ok to take the tape off by now. This knot in your plant stem is actually allowing your plant to uptake more water and nutrients to supply to the buds when the time comes. The final results are more buds, more branches, and a shorter, bushier plant that you are more in “control” of. This is perfect for growers who need their plants to “stay on the low”.

Deanna Dank’s Domain

In my opinion, super cropping can be extremely beneficial! Not only because of the fact of a possibly stronger THC content, but also because super cropping allows a person who needs to be more “low-key” to have a cannabis plant.

To conclude, super cropping is an awesome technique that can help you to be more discreet with your grow. It helps to produce a strain with a higher THC content than normal. Just remember to be careful when carrying out the steps to your super cropping! You don’t want to permanently damage your plant! Enjoy!

super cropping


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