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Strain History | Jet Fuel | PotSaver

February 28, 2018

Strain History


jet fuel strainThe Jet-Fuel strain “G6” is a hybrid strain. It was created by the innovative cannabis geneticists at 303 Seeds in Denver, Colorado. In addition to producing some of the finest quality medical cannabis seeds, the company is also a leader in cannabinoid research. This truly comes across through their unique strain offerings. They are ambassadors of the cannabis plant, continually striving to educate the public about its medical properties and attributes.

What It’s Made Of

This true hybrid was created through a cross of OG/Diesel genetics. It is a combination many find extremely elevating and uplifting. It also has a powerful kick of G13 Haze that 303 Seeds cites as adding for “medical potency.” With a mother phenotype of Aspen OG (San Fernando Valley OG Kush x Original Sour Diesel x G13 Haze), Jet-Fuel has some highly effective sativa-like effects that bring on focus and motivation.

What to Expect

jet fuel strainThe mother phenotype of Aspen OG also ushers in a calming, relaxed high. This compliments the ways in which other parts of the body are stimulated by other aspects of the strain. In order to create Jet-Fuel, Aspen OG was crossed with two kinds of diesel strains, Original Diesel and East Coast Sour Diesel. It is also Jet-Fuel’s diesel heritage that provides such stimulating effects, like alertness and concentration.

303 Seeds grows and develops cannabis strains, like Jet-Fuel “G6”, through the complex mapping of genetics. Cannabis has both dominant and recessive traits. Depending on the kind of effects and terpene profile desired, certain traits can be chosen and suppressed through grows overtime.

A True Hybrid Strain

jet fuel strainOne thing that stands out about Jet-Fuel is that both parents seem to have an equal impact on the profile of the strain and its effects. This is because 303 Seeds takes the male plant just as seriously as the female in the breeding process. They believe the goal of breeding is not only to isolate the best genetics for medicinal use, but also to find the best marriage of two plants. As stated on their website, “the search for a proper Husband is as extensive as our search for a proper Wife. We think of breeding as seriously as marriage. It is something that should last for life, not an overnight Hollywood relationship.”

Tweaking the Recipe

Recently 303 Seeds tweaked the genetics of Jet-Fuel “G6” using their Bio Diesel male as a parent for an even more uplifting experience. Jet-Fuel “G7” displays an incredibly enhanced terpene profile due to its father’s genetics and, like its predecessor, produces a pretty heady THC high. Often yielding THC contents near 20%, users have expressed feelings of soaring euphoria. This makes it good for the creative thought process or an energizing workout.

jet fuel strain

The diesel terpenes certainly enhance these effects with their awakening aroma. The strain usually produces just under .2% CBD, a very decent percentage which further explains why the cross is so relaxing. This is also a very balanced ratio for the two cannabinoids to have the most powerful “entourage effect,” enhancing each other’s properties.

True to the Lineage

jet fuel strainLike all cannabis strains, Jet-Fuel “G6” undoubtedly expresses the traits of its mother, Aspen OG. She is very balanced, moderate, and uplifting. Unique to strains from 303 Seeds, however, is the prominence of male heritage. For Jet-Fuel “G6”, that lineage provides the flying thresholds of what this strain can provide medicinally.

jet fuel strain



Written By

Charlotte Webb





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jet fuel strain