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Cannabis Tea | PotSaver

November 7, 2017
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Cannabis Tea

It’s time to trade in your venti vanilla chai for some good ol’ Bhan! Or maybe even a cannabis-infused chai tea! Natural, delicious, and way more beneficial than a 250-calorie cup of sugar and artificial syrups.

cannabis tea

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You’ll find tons of articles detailing the history of cannabis tea, used for both medical and spiritual purposes. So, I’ll give you the super brief rundown.

cannabis teaThere’s an infamous legend in China from about 4,500 years ago regarding the father of herbal medicine, Emperor Shen Nung (or Shennong). He was infatuated with the idea of mixing plants with boiling water; afterwards, observing how the teas affected him. His experiments, unfortunately, led to his death. But a cannabis leaf falling into his water is what inspired him. He referred to this cannabis tea as Ma’, which he found to be the most therapeutic tea.

Cannabis has been a long-time sacred plant in Ancient India; specifically for healing, religious, and spiritual purposes. Like in modern times, cannabis tea was often used for gastrointestinal disorders, but nothing remains as popular as Bhang. Dating back to 2,000 BC, Bhang was first used as a sacred tea in traditional Hindu festivals. Though today, it’s the equivalent of going to Amsterdam for their pot cafes. Bhang can be made in many different ways, but it’s basically ground up cannabis leaves with milk and various spices. It’s a great form of relief for anxiety, depression, and appetite issues. In India, many take to including Bhang in their meditation and yoga sessions (like the Sadhu tradition).

Find The Right High For You

cannabis teaPeople have this preconceived notion about the Caribbean and their infamous ganja tea. What most don’t know is that ganja tea is actually less potent than smoking herb (depending on how you make it… but generally speaking). This is because the leaves that are steeped aren’t fully ripened, making the effects less potent.

Ideally, when creating your own cannabis tea, it’s best to start small then work your way up… Just like trying different edibles. Like I previously mentioned, in ancient times, the entire plant was utilized for tea. Here are a few ways to make cannabis tea, from a mild potency to a high one.

Mild-High Tea

The trick is all in the additives. If you want a mild tea, avoid using milk / creamer / buttery products, as this will increase the cannabis’ psychoactive properties. A mild tea is a great way to use up all those stems you’ve been collecting, even the leaves and shake. Add these to low-boiling water and steep the leaves/stems for less than five minutes. As with edibles, cannabis tea will take 30 minutes to an hour kick in, but it’ll last a good six to eight hours.

Potent Tea

cannabis teaFor more potent tea, you need about half a gram (the more, the merrier) of bud, stems, or leaves mixed with some butter. Simmering that in boiling water for 20-30 minutes will be enough to fully decarb the cannabis. Like I mentioned, adding milk, creamer, or even honey will increase the psychoactive properties.

The best part of cannabis tea is having a positive purpose for your stems. The downside is that you really need a large amount of stems, since they’re so low in THC and CBD. When boiling the stems, you have to wait until the water is nice and brown – usually an hour. To speed up the process, I recommend covering the pot. Adding any mixture of spices or honey really makes a difference, too.

It Works for Me!

For medical purposes, the act of drinking tea alone is much more soothing than taking meds, say every four hours. Personally, I drink cannabis tea when my anxiety is acting up, or when I have major cramps; once in the morning and I’m set for the whole day.

Give it a shot and mess with the recipe any way you like. Be the millennial Emperor Shen Nung.

cannabis tea


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