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Cannabis Abroad | PotSaver

Cannabis Abroad With cannabis laws in the States constantly changing, it’s interesting to look at what the rest of the world is up to on the subject. While it’s obviously important to know the most up-to-date laws regarding cannabis abroad, I was more curious about the social acceptance of it. After travelling across different countries, I found myself comparing their cannabis customs with those of the States. ORDER ONLINE NOW! $20 OFF your first order. Use “POTSAVER20” at checkout. Click the picture to SAVE NOW! Spain Spain is an extremely cannabis-friendly country. Although the sale of it is illegal, possession…...

Native American Tribes Embracing the Cannabis Community | PotSaver

Native American Tribes Embracing the Cannabis Community In 2014, the U.S. Department of Justice passed a series of memo’s (including the Wilkinson and Cole memo) during the Obama administration. Essentially, it recognizes tribal sovereignty by allowing tribal legalization within states that have legalized cannabis. It allows decisions to be handled with the same deference afforded to individual states. Memo Guidelines The memo’s passed basically make it legal for Native American tribes to be able to join the legal cannabis industry, allowing them to participate in the cultivation and distribution. It still does not allow the consumption or possession of cannabis…...

Hemp Oils vs. CBD Oils | PotSaver

Hemp Oils vs. CBD Oils Thanks to the growing awareness of CBD oil, hemp oil is also catching the interest of new medical patients. To aficionados, hemp is nothing new. However, legalization is changing cannabis opinions and the popularity of non-psychoactive cannabis is bringing up new conversations regarding hemp and its unique health benefits. ORDER ONLINE NOW! $20 OFF your first order. Use “POTSAVER20” at checkout. Click the picture to SAVE NOW! Since hemp and cannabis come from the same plant, there are also lots of questions as to which oil does what. You may be wondering about the differences…...

Hemp on the High Seas: Cannabis Cruises | PotSaver

Hemp on the High Seas: Cannabis Cruises Usually, I like to take on a more educational tone… but I will begin this blog with a nice, stoner question: “Hey,  I have one question for you. Have you been on the open ocean… on weed?” Sekou’s Suggestions In waters closer to shore, especially in lakes and harbors with boating activities involving alcohol and Cannabis, it is strictly prohibited by law enforcement and Coast Guard. However, approximately 12 nautical miles or 13.8 miles off shore, things can be different. Note that when you travel anywhere in the ocean,  you are still under…...

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