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Cannabis Shelf Life | PotSaver

Cannabis Shelf Life Preserve the tree! Did you know cannabis shelf life can have indefinite boundaries if you treat it right? For those growing their own cannabis plants, longevity is more easily obtained. Growers are able to ensure the process is done correctly from seed (or clone) to flower. Why does this matter? Bad cannabis can literally stem all the way from the cultivation process… Pun intended. Since not all of us have been blessed with a green thumb… like me… We are incapable of controlling the quality of our cannabis before it finally reaches us. What can we do?…...

A Danksgiving Meal | PotSaver

A Danksgiving Meal Thanksgiving is only a week away, so you should probably start thinking about what’s going to be on the menu this year. After all, there’s a lot to be thankful for! One of the top things on my list that I’m thankful for – recreational cannabis-use being right around the corner! What better way to celebrate that than with a cannabis-infused dinner menu? ORDER ONLINE NOW! $20 OFF your first order. Use “November20” at checkout. Click the picture to SAVE NOW! When “Thanksgiving” goes “Danksgiving” … I remember when something like that would’ve just been one of…...

Cannabis and Your Pets | PotSaver

Cannabis and Your Pets Is it Safe? As you may or may not know, cannabis has been taking the medical field by storm on a positive note! Stories have been surfacing about CBD (a cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant) stopping seizures in seconds, even with people that have been epileptic their entire lives. THC has also been noted for its ability to ease chronic pain, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.… But has anyone thought about treating their pets with cannabis? Is it safe? I know what most people assume… “If it’s okay for us, then it should be okay for them.”…...

Cannabis and Seniors | PotSaver

Senior Swag Traumatic events in the human experience, such as wildfires and the loss of life, force us to take notice of the little things. After walking into a lobby of a high-rise building in Oakland, California, signing in with a security guard (similar to what I’ve seen in New York City)… I walk into the lounge area of an open house for The Hood Incubator, a business determined to help minorities and Oakland residents acquire Equity Applications for Cannabis businesses. I immediately noticed something different… One: There were only two young people in the room; the rest were elderly.…...

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